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Rental Costs

Casual memberships require no sign up fee, and prices are £2 an hour for a pedal bike and £3 an hour for an e-bike.

Annual memberships require a sign up fee of £20 for a pedal bike, giving the member the first 30 minutes free, and £40 for an electric bike, with the initial 20 minutes free on each journey. After the free period, hourly charges are £1 for a pedal bike and £2 for an electric bike.

Student memberships are £14 for pedal and £28 for electric. Please check on our student page to see if your college/university qualify.

Minimum credits are needed to sign up as follows: £5 per bike on a pedal annual membership and £10 on an annual electric membership. Casual memberships require £2 for pedal, and £3 foe electric per bike.

Corporate memberships are also available. See the Corporate page for more information.