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We are delighted to now have electric bikes as well as pedal bikes within our network.  You can find the location of our electric bikes on the MAP OF STATIONS page, where you can see the number of bikes at a docking station in real time.

Please do read on to learn more about the e-bikes and our suggested routes for getting around the city.

Enjoy the scheme and remember the following:

They are built for bike share

Like our pedal bikes, the electric bikes are built in a more robust way than a domestic e-bike, in order to withstand public use ie. more rigorous handling and being outside 24 hours a day. So they may feel more bulky than a standard e-bike.

Speed and Power

The power settings are user defined. You can choose either standard or advanced through the app. We recommend you leave the setting on the default of standard until you are familiar with the e-bikes, and how they handle.

Lincoln’s landscape

Lincoln has a unique and beautiful landscape, from the countryside and wonderful cycle routes from areas such as St Marks Shopping centre along the canal, to the up-hills of the historic part of the city made easier when you know the best route to take!

Therefore, we recommend that you avoid the cobbled streets in the older parts, and avoid the steeper routes around the highest points to the Castle and Cathedral such as the infamous Steep Hill!

With this in mind, please take a look at our suggested routes  to help you travel safely and quickly around the city!

Watch our video to learn about the added features to look out for on an e-bike too!

Quick around the city, less effort, cost effective and fun! Simply sign up and start enjoying the benefits of an e-bike today!